Model/View Programming | Qt Widgets 6.1.2

We can obtain a list of matching items with the findItems() function: See the QMetaObject class description for details. Inserting dropped data into a model. The way that any given model handles dropped data depends on both its type (list, table, or tree) and the way its contents is likely to be presented to the user. Generally, the approach taken to accommodate dropped data should be the Qt入门的书籍有很多,本人使用的是《Qt 5.9 c++ 开发指南》一书,如果同学们家境殷实,还是希望大家多多支持正版;但是如果大家像我一样家境贫寒,可以在此获得该书的电子版以及相关配套资源,此资料仅用于个人学习,请勿商用如果此博客侵犯了相关人员的版权,请联系本人删除,谢谢

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